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We care enough about you to find the root cause of your health issues , rather than just treating only your symptoms.

Our investigations may include the following :

  1. A thorough patient health history.
  2. A comprehensive, advanced nutritional analysis.
  3. A complete spinal and postwal examination.
  4. Lab tests, including blood work, hormone testing, tissue mineral analysis and acoustic cardiograph.

Treatment and support protocols are customized to your unique needs.


  • Your custom evaluation and treatment plan fits your needs. No cookie cutter diets, supplement protocols, or requirements of expensive tests for all patients, like some offices.
  • Our chiropractic adjustments are gentle, precise, and comprehensive. They are safe enough for infants and the elderly, yet effective enough for a large, male professional athlete.
  • We can support your body in a wide array of health issues, from acid reflux to sciatica to low immunity.
  • We can do a turbo-charged trigger point massage in 10 minutes that is as effective as a 1 hour massage (10 minutes = 1 Hour!!!). This is great for those busy, time-crunched professionals.
  • We keep our prices reasonably low, instead of spiking them to fit into an insurance-based office.
  • We use only premium and professional nutritional supplements from companies that exhibit integrity, do thorough research, and use superior ingredients.


Welcome to Alternative Health Management

Do you feel like you have just been treating symptoms without ever getting to the root cause of the problem? Has modern medicine failed to uncover the cause of your problem or help you find relief? Our Houston holistic doctors are committed to finding and treating the underlying cause of the problem, rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Our team of chiropractors and functional medicine doctors begin by investigating your symptoms and health history to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Often, symptoms that seem to be unrelated have a single root cause. We use many methods to evaluate our patients, including taking a thorough health history, comprehensive nutritional analysis, laboratory tests, and other testing. The tests that are conducted depend on the information discovered in the initial evaluation.

Our natural health clinic treats patients with a broad range of symptoms, including hormone imbalances, low back pain, headaches, issues with digestive health in Houston, and many other problems. We use the information from the consultation and testing to create a treatment protocol that is customized to your specific needs. This may include nutritional counseling, chiropractic adjustments, herbal and homeopathic therapies, and many other treatments.

The specific treatment plan and length of treatment vary, according to the specific needs of each patient. The first step is to visit our clinic for a consultation to evaluate your symptoms and treatment needs. If you are looking for Houston Holistic doctors or a chiropractor in 77079, we encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about our services and contact our office at 713-722-2580 for an appointment.

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