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Advanced Nutritional Therapy

Drs. Paula and Shane Howell provide one of the most complete and comprehensive health and nutritional evaluations.

It starts with you filling out an extensive health history and symptom survey. A consultation and an examination is the next step in this investigation. From there, your doctor decides which appropriate and necessary tests to run, if any, to assist in completing your health picture.

The tests include standard blood tests, lipid (cholesterol) panels, a full thyroid panel, micronutrient tests, cardio metabolic tests, hormone tests, tissue mineral analysis through a hair sample, a diagnostic stool test, x-ray, & MRI. These are the same tests any standard medical doctor can order. Many doctors choose inadequate and incomplete panels that miss vital points in the evaluation of your full health (example: only testing TSH and T4 to evaluate the Thyroid).

Following the diagnostic portion, a customized plan is made for you. A customized plan may include dietary modifications, lifestyle/exercise modifications, prescription of high grade, whole food-based supplement, high quality herbs, and homeopathic remedies.

The customized plan is unique to each individual, including you. Since we want the plan to work for you, we take as much as possible into consideration. This includes severity of your health issues, length of time with your issues, number of health issues you have at the time, stress at home/work, financial state, availability for office appointments, and home/work address distance from our office. Any follow-up evaluations and changes to your protocol are done at the appropriate times and in the proper context. We want to devise a plan that works for you and your path to wellness. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you realize that being stuck on numerous drugs is not getting you closer to being healthy and well, then call us ASAP at 713-722-2580 to set up a consultation.

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