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Drs. Paula and Shane Howell utilize a form of low force chiropractic called Activator Methods. This technique is a methodical system of analyzing spinal movement and the subsequent correction of any misaligned spinal vertebra and joints. The correction is done using a small, spring-loaded, hand-held device that provides a gentle impulse into the joint.

A chiropractic adjustment is designed to revive the proper position and motion of the joint. The proper position and motion can assist in restoring adequate nerve flow and muscle tension. A reduction in pain and improved function of the joint is the result.

Due to the precise and gentle nature of the technique, it is SAFE and EFFECTIVE for just about everybody, including babies, the elderly, pregnant women, athletes, disc injuries, sciatica, migraines, and anyone that is afraid of traditional, manual chiropractic techniques. If you have always been afraid to visit a chiropractor, the technique we utilize is perfect for you. Call today at 713-722-2580 for a thorough spinal and postural evaluation.

Our chiropractic program usually includes instruction in specific exercises, stretches, and home self-treatment designed to reduce joint and muscle pain/stiffness and restore your posture. Without the proper posture and normal movement rhythms (from appropriate muscle activation/contraction and relaxation), you would continue to re-aggravate your pain patterns, arthritis, or other joint/muscle issues. Our program may include modified yoga positions, precise stretches for chronically tight/contracted muscles, specific exercises to activate chronically weak and over-stretched muscles, and self-myofascial release with the use of a foam roller and/or a lacrosse ball. Patients that utilize this program in their daily routine recover much faster and are able to minimize any re-occurrences of their pain.

For a short video from Activator.com: https://www.activator.com/ondemand/patient-orientation-video/

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