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Chronic Fatigue

Everyone experiences tiredness when they have a particularly busy period and lack sufficient sleep. However, prolonged issues with fatigue and feeling fatigued even when sleeping for a sufficient number of hours each night is not normal. Fatigue has a wide variety of potential causes and contributing factors. Determining the cause and restoring balance in the body are essential for effectively resolving problems with fatigue. Alternative Health Management offers treatment for patients suffering from chronic fatigue in Houston.

If you suffer from a lack of energy even when you have gotten plenty of sleep, fatigue during the day, fall asleep when watching television, and feel more tired after eating or exercise, you may have chronic fatigue. Other symptoms can include feeling dizzy when standing up or using caffeine and stimulants, but still feeling exhausted.

We take a personalized approach to treatment to find the right solution for the individual patient. Factors such as sleep patterns, eating habits, stress, exposure to sunlight, and problems related to digestive health, thyroid, and the health of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands can contribute to fatigue. Our functional medicine doctors investigate these and other causes to help encourage recovery from chronic fatigue.

The Houston holistic doctors at Alternative Health Management perform testing to evaluate the current state of your health. This information is used to improve fatigue by devising a customized plan for each patient. Components of this plan often include improving the quantity and quality of sleep through regular sleep and waking times, restoring nutritional balance, reducing exposure to blue light at night, and incorporating more movement in your daily routine. Contact our office by telephone at 713-722-2580 to arrange a consultation.

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