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Focus on the basics of health


Most of us are wanting to improve our health without any effort on our part. We seek out doctors and therapists to fix our problems. Few doctors actually encourage active participation from their patients. It is time you start learning to do your part in your own healthcare.

Truth is that if you are not mastering the basics to optimal health and wellness then you will continue to struggle reaching it. The basics include the following:

1) Eating a balanced diet that consists mostly of whole, unprocessed foods, that includes lots of vegetables, fruit, and adequate protein.
2) Moving frequently during the day and avoiding the habit of sitting for long periods. Exercising in the morning can be negated by sitting for the rest of the day.
3) Getting adequate levels of sleep (7-8 hrs) and being consistent with the times.
4) Supporting your digestive system by consuming fermented foods/drinks (includes live culture/probiotics) or by supplementing a high quality probiotic.  Many ailments can be tracked back to an unhealthy gut.
5) Allowing time for relaxation/deep breathing/meditation several times throughout the day.  Deep breathing is one of the only ways you can control/modulate your autonomic nervous system.
6) Practicing an attitude of gratitude.
7) A daily exercise routine that enhances a balanced posture and works on flexibility, stability, and strength.


As a holistic doctor at Alternative Health Management, I always try to start and continually refer back to the basics. I feel like I am doing my patients a disservice by not encouraging their active participation in their own healthcare.



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