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Getting enough protein?


Do you consciously consume enough protein in your diet?  Most people go through their day and pay no attention to how much protein, carbs, and fat they ingest.  I regularly consult with patients that may go an entire day with far less than half of the protein that they need.  They may consume cereal or a bagel with juice and coffee for breakfast (almost no protein), a turkey sandwich and chips (minimal protein), and spaghetti for dinner (almost no protein).  Don’t be one of those that unknowingly eats a severely imbalanced diet.  So, how much are you consuming?

Do you realize that getting adequate protein can help you with weight loss goals, gaining muscle, & achieving healthier skin, hair, and nails? Every aspect of your body requires protein.   So, where should we be getting our protein?  It is really no secret that the protein from animal sources will be superior in quality with the amino acid profile.  Have you seen the posts that try to convince that broccoli is superior to a steak regarding protein content?  What they don’t tell you is that you have to eat 7 servings of broccoli to equal 1 serving of steak to the same amount of protein (not very efficient).  I know very few people that would want to eat 7 cups of broccoli in a day.  Please don’t confuse this to saying that broccoli is bad.  I just don’t consume broccoli for my protein.  If I eat 1-2 servings of broccoli in a day then I don’t even really count it towards my overall protein.  Think of broccoli for the vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Back to sources of protein: Beef, eggs, chicken, pork, & fish will have the highest amounts of protein percentage-wise for those foods.  If you avoid those particular foods on a regular basis then diary and premium quality protein powders are the way to go.  Combining grains and legumes (rice and beans) is an alternative way.  There are even superior quality vegan proteins.  Some taste better than others.  I prefer Veg-E Complex Pro by Standard Process.  First vegan protein that tasted fantastic, in my opinion.

How much should we be consuming daily?  A general starting point is 80 grams for a woman and 120 grams for a male .  This can be adjusted up or down based on weight, musculature, & exercise levels (a hundred pound woman will need close to half or less of what a 200+ lb man will need).  For example, if you are weight training several times per week then that amount will go up 20-30%.  I, personally, shoot for 150 grams per day, since I am working out 6 days per week.  It is universal that we should be eating protein at each meal.  Depending on how many meals and snacks you eat, figure out how much protein you need per meal/snack based on your total amount.  For instance, if you eat 3 meals per day and you need 100 grams total then 33 grams per day is my amount for that meal.

If you need more precise help with your protein or overall nutrition then call us at Alternative Health Management 713-722-2580.  Drs. Paula and Robert Shane Howell love to consult with people that are ready to improve their health.

FYI, we prescribe/sell the highest quality protein powders on the market.  We also have a wide variety of proteins to fit your need – varying types of Whey, Collagen, Bone Broth, & Vegan.  They are a super convenient to make sure you get your protein to the right levels.  The picture at the top are some of the proteins we sell and even use ourselves.


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