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A Healthy Gut (acid reflux, irritable bowel, candida, gas, bloating, constipation)


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The Importance of a healthy digestive system, or as some may refer to it, the gut, has profound effects on your entire body.  Without a healthy gut, your immune system cannot function well, your bones and joints will degenerate, your mood will suffer, and your skin may become perpetually irritated.

Why is it so important to maintain the health of the gut?

  1. It is the supply line to the rest of your body.  Nourishment is provided to all cells of your body via the digestive system.
  2. It houses trillions of healthy bacteria in your intestines.  These bacteria are a huge part of your immune system.
  3. The bacteria in your gut help activate certain nutrients, so that your body can utilize them properly.
  4. The brain and nervous system are intricately connected to the gut.  Most neurotransmitters (serontonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, etc), are affected by the intestinal flora.  95 % of the serotonin comes from your gut.
  5. ADD, ADHD, Austim, Anxiety, and Depression may be linked to the health of the gut and the bacteria/flora.
  6. Many skin rashes and other irritations may be traced to sensitivities caused by intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and bacteria and yeast (Candida) imbalances.
  7. Allergies and sensitivities may be linked to intestinal permeability or leaky gut.

Evaluating the following is vital part of the process of regaining your health, especially as it relates to the gut:

  1. Adequate hydrochloric acid, HCL, production and release.
  2. Sufficient bile production and release via the liver and gallbladder for fat digestion and metabolism.
  3. Proper release of pancreatic enzymes.
  4. A healthy level of peristalisis, the intestines moving food down the line.
  5. Presence of abnormal bacteria or SIBO.
  6. Presence of healthy bacteria or flora.
  7. Signs of leaky gut.
  8. Intake of fruits, vegetables, and fiber vs. processed food intake.
  9. Frequency and type of stool formation.
  10. Water intake vs. coffee, soda, and alcohol intake.
  11. Use of medication.
  12. Stress-handling abilites.
  13. Sleep.

Recovering from some of the above conditions requires repairing of the lining of the intestinal tract, riding the body of the harmful bacteria and yeast or candida, restoring the healthy flora and beneficial bacteria, and supporting the body’s HCL acid and enzyme production and release.

I will be releasing a video of the different supplements I prescribe and use myself within the week.

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