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Hormone Testing

Various hormones provide important functions in the body. When the levels of certain hormones in the body are out of sync, this can cause seemingly unrelated symptoms. Alternative Health Management provides hormone testing in Houston. Based on the results of testing, examinations, and your symptoms, we recommend a nutritional and treatment plan that is personalized for you.

Are you experiencing symptoms, but modern medicine has failed to identify the source of the problem? Symptoms such as brain fog or difficulty concentrating, digestive issues and low energy levels may seem to be unrelated. However, hormone imbalances can actually cause problems with more than one system of the body. Correcting the imbalance can often resolve the symptoms.

Our natural health clinic offers a wide variety of hormone testing. The female hormone panel measures hormone levels to measure the dynamics of the monthly menstrual cycle and a peri-menopausal hormone panel for women experiencing early menopause. The male hormone panel assesses reproductive and sexual function in men. In addition, many other testing options are offered. Our Houston holistic doctors will recommend the testing that best suits your needs, depending on your symptoms.

The results of your health history and recommended testing will be used to create a treatment plan for you. Please browse through our website to read more about Alternative Health Management and the services we provide for our patients in the Houston area. Contact our office by telephone at 713-722-2580 to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss hormone testing.

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