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Importance of probiotics

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Most of us do not think of the intestinal flora or bacteria as one of the main parts of our immune system.  We also eat in a such a way that disrupts that same bacteria (processed sugar, processed vegetable fats, alcohol are few of the culprits).  Our non-stop lifestyles do them no favor as well.

The onset of colds and other infections is rampant in this country.  I wonder why (thick sarcasm)?  The rush to antibiotics is the most common path of treatment for infections.  Yet, this leaves our immune worse off than before the infection took over.  The antibiotics usually kill the good stuff too.

Our mindset must change if you really want true health and wellness.  Don’t wait until your health starts falling apart before addressing it.  Ask yourself these following questions: 1. What are things that I am doing that cause my health to go downhill?  2. What are some changes that I can make in my lifestyle and my eating habits that may prevent this from happening?

For #1, look at your stress at home and work, your sleep habits, your activity levels, and your dietary habits.  Any one or combination of these could be negatively impacting your health, including your immune system.  You could be eating clean but if your sleep habits are irregular and insufficient then it is just a matter of time before it catches up to you, whether that be chronic fatigue or a sinus infection you can’t seem to get through, even with the help of antibiotics.

For #2, deep breathing exercises several times per day, regular sleep times with a goal of 8 hours of sleep, and standing and walking more at work/home are some great choices. Eliminating refined sugar and fat is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.  Start with one meal per day and slowly make it work until you are 90%+ for your weekly meals.  It is not recommended that you try to change everything at once.  A large majority of people will feel overwhelmed and quit.  Start as slow as you need to be successful in the long run.  Add some probiotic foods/drinks a little at a time (if you experience any loose stool, this is a sign that you need to slow the probiotics down).  These can include kefir, yogurt, kimchi, fermented cucumbers and other vegetables,and kombucha. It is important that the above items specifically say “live culture” or “probiotic” on the containers.  Not all yogurts/foods have probiotics in them because of the pasteurization process.  They must have cultures added back in, if that is the case.  Add a high quality probiotic in pill/powder form is generally a good alternative.  We carry premium ones at Alternative Health Management.  Call us today at 713-722-2580 for an evaluation of your digestive and immune system.

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