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Low back pain afflicts most of us at some point in our lives.  Most doctors focus only on symptoms with drugs and surgery.  We focus on finding the root cause and work towards bringing your body back into balance with strength, stability, and flexibility in all activities you choose to do.  Most back conditions develop as a result of excessive sitting (work, car, & home).  Activator MethodsR chiropractic adjustments with VibracussorR trigger point therapy on the affected muscles is the most effective treatment.  Activator MethodsR is a comprehensive way to analyze and adjust the whole body.  The entire body moves together and has a precise rythym. Your low back being out of balance can put more stress on the knees and feet. Therefore, areas beyond the location of your pain need to be analyzed and adjusted accordingly.  Lifestyle and specific posture exercises and stretches play a necessary role in long term health of your back.

Please select from the list below:

__ Are you experiencing any back pain now or in the recent past?

__ Do you feel tightness or restriction in movement in your back and/or hips?

__ Does your muscles or joints feel different on one side vs. the other?

__ Do you feel any numbness, tingling, or pain down your leg(s)?

__ Do have any problem with any basic movement (up or down from chair, putting shoes on, in or out of car, picking up object from floor, golf, other sports)?  Do you avoid any of these b/c of fear of back going out?

__ Do you have pain in your knees and/or feet when walking, running, and squatting up or down?

Neck pain is usually result of poor posture habits (forward head and shoulders rolled forward) while sitting excessively during the day.  Past injuries, such as car accidents and sport injuries, can play a role as well.  The body usually adapts to whatever position you hold it in.  This causes chronically shortened muscles in the front of the neck and shoulders and chronically stretched muscles on the back the neck and on the back of the shoulder blades.  Activator MethodsR chiropractic adjustments and VibracussorR trigger point therapy is the usual recommended treatment, along with a prescription for specific exercises, stretches, and other self-treatment techniques.

Please select from the list below:

__ Are you experiencing any neck/shoulder pain now or in the recent past?

__ Do you feel any tightness or restriction of movement in turning your head or reaching out or overhead?

__ Do you feel any numbness, tingling, or pain into your arm(s)?

__ Do you have weakness in your shoulder(s), arm(s), or hand(s)?

__ Do you have frequent headaches?

__ Do you feel any dizziness or disorientation when moving your head in any position?

__ Do you have frequent muscle aches in your upper traps (muscles between neck and shoulder blades) or between your shoulder blades?

Fatigue can be a result of many different causes, likely multiple ones.  Sleep/patterns, exposure to sunlight, exposure to blue light at night, movement patterns, eating habits, stress (mental and physical), digestive health, thyroid health, hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal health and balance are the key areas to investigate for recovery from chronic fatigue.  Excessive and regular use of stimulants, such as caffeine and other energy drink can be counterproductive in your restoration to long term vibrant energy.  Improving the quality, quantity, and balance of your diet, setting up and maintaining regular and adequate sleep/wake times, reduction in exposure to blue light at night, consciously moving more throughout the day play a huge role in this process.


Please select from the list below:

__ Do you suffer from fatigue during the day?

__ Do you feel low energy even after a long night of sleep?

__ Do you feel like taking a nap every time you watch TV or a movie?

__ Does exercise or physical exertion make you feel more fatigued?

__ Do you feel fatigue after eating?

__ Do you require regular amounts of stimulants, like caffeine, to keep you going?

__ Do you feel dizzy or disoriented upon standing up?

Digestive system complaints are rampant in this country.  They include acid reflux, gastritis, indigestion, irritable bowel, intestinal permeability (leaky gut), small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, candida, constipation, and diarrhea.  Most of our population relies on drugs to combat their symptoms.  In many cases, these drugs make the situation worse, even if the person feels temporarily better.  For the digestive system to work properly, the stomach needs adequate hydrochloric acid and enzyme production, the liver and gallbladder work together to release bile for fat digestion, the pancreas produces an array of enzymes for continued digestion in the small intestine, normal amounts of healthy bacteria/flora play an important in activation of nutrients and other essential elements in the body, the health of the lining of the small and large intestines are vital to the absorption of nutrients and the blocking of toxic elements to the blood and other parts of the body.  Full evaluation of the health and function of all sections of the digestive system are necessary.  Quality of food, intake of drugs/antibiotics, alcohol, excessive caffeine, regular consumption of processed sugars/grains/fats/meats, hormonal imbalances, and stress can impact the digestive system in a profound way.  In many cases, the digestive system can be restored to a normal, healthy state without the use of drugs.

Please select from the list below:

__ Do you have sharp pain or a burning sensation when you eat?

__ Do you experience gas or flatulence on a regular basis?

__ Do you suffer from constipation and/or diarrhea regularly?

__ Have you taken antibiotics at any point in your life?

__ Were you fed formula as an infant, primarily?

__ Do you suffer from skin irritations?

__ Do you have infections several times in a year?

__ Do you have allergies/asthma?

__ Are sensitive/allergic to specific foods?

Did you know that there are at least 36 causes of a headache?  None of the causes are aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen deficiency. Yet, those drugs are the first thing people reach for when suffering a headache.  Why not find what is causing the headache?  We find misalignment in the cervical spine (neck), dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, liver dysfunction, food sensitivity/allergy, & drug side effect are common causes.

Please select from the list below:

__ Do you suffer headaches regularly?

__ Do you unintentionally avoid drinking water throughout the day?

__ Do you mostly drink coffee, soda, and/or tea instead of water?

__ Do you drink lots of water and avoid salt and/or electrolytes?

__ Do you drink alcohol almost every day or binge drink?

__ Do you take medications (prescription/OTC) regularly?

__ Do you have tension, tightness, or pain in your neck/shoulders?

__ Do you notice any pattern with a specific food and occurrence of headaches?

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